Managing contracts, policies and work orders is very easy with SharePoint as it helps to maintain and upgrade technical documents instantly and helps to reduce the manual work. ERP/CRM and out of the box connectors can easily be integrated with SharePoint to create capabilities that are found lacking in document management. SharePoint platform can be used to link planning, administrative systems and also workflows.

There are great benefits that can be achieved with SharePoint and Office 365 in your work process. And it becomes easy to collaborate with colleagues and partners with minimal efforts and at the same time allows effective cooperation and communication. Amazon continues to expand its lineup of Echo products. The company that introduced us to Alexa now has more devices to listen to music, get news and information, and control your smart home all by simply using your voice. First came the cylinder like Echo. It was followed up by the hockey puck-like Echo Dot. Then Amazon added video into the mix with the Echo Show. Now comes the smaller Echo Spot and the Echo Plus.

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